Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Made it on to the Consumerist

Clarification on a few of the things commenters had to say:

- The man in India told me he was from India and that he was in New Delhi.

- The reason for returning the highchair is because I got two.

- The Brandywine store I was at is the one in Delaware and has been there for years.


Anonymous said...

If you posted pics of the receipts you have, your story might be more believable, since I noticed there are lots of doubts about the validity of your claim on the consumerist.

Personally, I've shopped at Target since the first one opened in my area. I've never had a problem returning anything...with the original receipt, with a gift receipt or with no receipt at all.

Anonymous said...

Next time something like this happens, trying reselling it on . I sell alot of stuff on Craig's and its free and easy to post a ad.

Anonymous said...