Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Something makes me think they did not read what I wrote

Dear ******* ********,
I'm sorry the amount we're able to refund you didn't meet your expectations for the highchair you received as a gift.
During your visit our team members explored the possibility of returning your without a receipt. We've established guidelines when offering this service to provide you with a consistent experience.
We track and limit these exceptions to small gifts twice a year. Additionally, the amount we're able to refund reflects the lowest selling price in the 90 days.
Also, I'm sorry you didn't receive the type of service you've come to expect while contacting at Target. The team member attitude you described isn't part of our guest service philosophy. We expect our team members to help you in a professional manner with your returns concern. We really appreciate your feedback and I'll make sure to share your comments with our executives.
DannieTarget Guest Relationshttp://www.target.com/


Dan S. said...

This is exactly why we didn't register at Target for our April wedding (we chose LnT and C&B, instead).

And, it's exactly why we won't be registering at Target for our baby shower, due in January.

Anonymous said...

Have you replied to her email to point out you had a receipt? You should threaten to (a) report them to the Better Business Bureau, and (b) contact one of those local consumer fight back news columns or news shows.